July 9, 2012

Step 2: Creative Vision

Visualize the End Result

Remember when we learned the importance of understanding your reality? (if not, you can catch up here)  Remember how this requires us to stop being overly positive about our present situation?  I am sure many people gawked at this.  I don’t blame them.  There is not a lot of fun to be had in realistic thinking.  However, it is necessary and it has its place.  And if you do it right, it is quick—leaving more time for the fun stuff.  

Now for the fun stuff.

Growing up, I was taught that if you can see it, you can be it.  This has really come to life for me now.  The art of visualizing is key to living a life that is tailored to you and your desires.  We have to be able to picture ourselves in the place that we want to be.  In this picture we find ambitions and desires that are specific to us—goals that will require our own creative paths.  This is where your positive attitude comes into play.  It’s time to start dreaming! 

In my leadership training, I feel like the term vision has been complicated for whatever reason.  I propose a very simple definition.  It is what we see with our minds eye.  The human brain is so powerful.   Scientists say that we only use a sliver of its capacity and I am convinced that visualizing is the key to accessing more of that power.  (This is why it is so dangerous to think that everything has already been invented or learned.  There is knowledge yet to be acquired that cannot be found in books.)  Think about it.  We do it already.  We can dream and imagine the most interesting things that seem to be so far-fetched.  The idea is to control this and make it work for us.  Here are some pointers:

1: Draw a picture!  Just like goal setting, if you don’t write it down, it will be gone as soon as it came.  When you picture where you want to be, get it on paper!   Our thoughts can be elusive.  We may think we have mastered our minds to remember every detail of our thoughts but I promise you have not!  Draw yourself a picture, or write it down.  Some people use a vision board or create a vision statement. You will be motivated by the sight of yourself in a place you want to be.  If you choose to write, be sure to use words that can recall the picture of yourself in your mind.  Start your sentences with “In 40 years, I see myself…”  If you can see it, you can be it! Ask yourself these questions to get started:
  • What does my family look like?
  • Where am I in my professional life?
  • What am I wearing?
  • Have I surrounded myself with what is most important to me?
  • What do I value most?
  • What have you accomplished?
  • How old are you? (it is important to associate your vision with a time!)

2: Place your vision somewhere that it can be seen or read often!  If you formulate this vision of yourself and then never look at it again, it will be forgotten.  I promise you!  This should be read or seen daily!  When you are making difficult decisions, you should be able to look at your vision and ask “What will best help me fulfill my vision?”

3: Share you vision.  You are surrounded by people that would love nothing more than to see you succeed.  Share with them your vision to build a strong support network.  If you cannot find this support among your friends, it may be time to find new ones.
Photo by © Teoteoteo | Stock Free Images &Dreamstime Stock Photos

4: Don’t be afraid to adjust.  This is difficult because we live in a culture where it is not okay to fail.  Failure is punished and it really makes me sick.  We wonder why people do not want to try new things.  Ha!  You have to know that failure is not only okay, but 100% necessary for growth!  We may come to find that something we envisioned just may not happen like we planned.  Keep dreaming and fill the void with another goal. (Side Note:  If you are changing your vision out of fear of failure, KNOCK IT OFF!  This is no way to live and you will fall far short of your potential! Try and fail and try again, but don’t lose yourself the chance of growth by removing yourself from the experience.)

5: What else???

Remember!  Creating your life is a process!  Let’s review the steps we’ve discussed. 
  1. Understand your reality: You can’t know where to go until you know where you are. This is where you will start
  2. Visualize: If you can see it you can be it.  This is your destination.
  3. In posts to come: Making your vision a reality.   Be sure to subscribe and check back!

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  1. I love how well you are articulating the need that we all have to be visionary. I too believe that the only way to progress is to be very convinced that there is more out there, to dream the impossible dream and to not limit our potential. Very well said!