September 28, 2012

We've Got Ourselves A Game

I have always been big into sports. I love watching them and playing them. I know what it's like to be the underdog. I know what it's like to have the passion and desire but lack all the skill. And I've seen that passion and desire come off on top of others skill. It taught me a lesson that applies outside of sports as well. 

I look at what our culture defines as "successful" people and I admit, it is easy to feel weak, unable, and ungifted. It seems like they started with all the right tools. Tools that we may never get. But we don't see the hard work and passion that goes into it-- no matter how gifted. 

A couple of years ago, The TV netwrok Versus released one of the most inspiring commercials I've ever seen. It teaches that the playing field of life is not always what it seems. The big shots don't always come out on top. So if you're feeling like an underdog, take a second to watch this clip to remind yourself that people have as much of a chance as they give themselves. You may not start under the same circumstances. You may not even take the same route. But you can "flip the script and take a pass on yelling uncle".  It's what makes life interesting. 

Heres the thing that makes life so interesting. The theory of evolution claims that only the strong shall survive. Maybe so...maybe so...But the theory of competition says just because their the strong doesn't mean they cant get their ass's kicked. Thats right. See what every long shot, come from behind underdog will tell you is this. The other guy may in fact be the favorite, the odds maybe stacked against you, fair enough. But what the odds don't know is this isn't a math test. This is a completely different kind of test. One where PASSION has a funny way of trumping logic. So before you step up to the starting line, before the whistle blows, and the clock starts ticking. Just remember out here the results don't always add up. No matter what the stats may say, and the experts may think, and the commentators may have predicted, when the race is on all bets are off. Don't be surprised if someone decides to flip the script and take a pass on yelling uncle. And then suddenly as the old saying goes, WE GOT OURSELVES A GAME!