July 13, 2012

A Call for Dreamers and Creators

In this blog, I've mentioned the importance of one coming to an understanding of their reality as a prerequisite to the visualizing, planning, and living of a self-created life.  Sometimes this humbling understanding of what is really happening comes by no effort of the individual at all.  A larger scale example of this can be easily witnessed by watching our own national and world news.  The world is in turmoil.  Europe is desperately fending off bankruptcy and America is not far off.  War ravages the Middle East and the rumors and fear of war can be found everywhere.  Our reality catches up with us sooner or later and if it is not on our terms, It scares the hell out of us.  I guess this is why realistic thinking gets such a bad rep.  

There are few that have let this realization get to their heads without proper thought.  Few, but still enough to warrant mention.  To them I agreeIt would be easy to look at the world and lose hope.  It would be easy to feel justified in giving up.  But I tell you that we cannot afford to give up what our parents, and grandparents, and great grandparents have lived and died for.  Now is not the time to take the easy path.  Good is to be found yet still; and it is to be discovered on the path that none have traveled thus far. 

Worse are those that are willingly apathetic.  There is no excuse for understanding a problem and doing nothing about it.  This is the only true failureknowledge and ability to help humanity and doing nothing with it.  And I pity those that have not yet realized what is so obvious before them.  I guess we are to blame for not properly informing them.

To these three types of people, and indeed to all, my message is the same.  Now is the time to dream—to let our minds open to the vast amount of possibilities available on our horizons.  We only access a tiny portion of our minds capacity and this is because we don't allow it to visualize novel possibilities.  We are conditioned to believe from an early age that the only way to grow in knowledge is to take in what has already been discovered.  We are limiting ourselves.  We are spending all of our time looking at shadows in caves and thinking we are smart, all the while missing out on the true beauty and utility of the actual forms yet to be discovered outside.  

This is a cultural disaster waiting to happen, even already in process.  We need to change.  And it starts with the individual.  It starts with you.  Stop looking to every person that has gone before you as an example for how you should live.  Stop trying to be what everyone else is trying to be.  Stop looking outward to find answers to inward questions.  Dream about what you want to be... and then work for it.  Like I said before.  This is no time for easy pursuits.  It is time for hard, creative, powerful work.  And there is not a lot of time left.   

I'm sure people wonder why I have started a blog.  It is not necessarily a standard pursuit for a poor, unadorned, college student.  Most of those that have blogs are already professionals with mass followings.  I don't know a lot of people, and I don't have a lot of influence.  But I do have a passion.  A passion for bettering myself and those around me.  I have a passion for building the significance that lies in the potential of every living being.  I believe the best is yet to come if we will it to be so.  I believe in creativity and change.  If you share these desires and beliefs, join me in the cause of freeing the world from the culture that is currently plaguing it.    

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