July 20, 2012

Passion and Compassion by Chantelle Steadman

Why We Lead holds strong to its belief that every person alive has the potential, and the responsibility to lead themselves and then influence those around them.  So many are looking up the hierarchy to government for leadership and we are learning that politics and leadership are becoming far disconnected.  We need to be looking within ourselves and to each other. So....Everyone, meet Chantelle.  Chantelle, meet everyone.  Chantelle is Why We Lead's first Guest blogger.  We will now be seeking out everyday leaders and asking them to share their stories or passions.  Great Idea?  Yeah, we know.  I now Introduce Chantelle.

My name is Chantelle Steadman
and I attend Utah Valley
University where I am studying
business management and human relations.
I currently reside in Orem, Utah with
my husband. I love people, talking, and smiling.
I have a passion for leadership
and I love to work with people. I
believe that leading by example
is essential if one is to be an
effective and inspirational leader.

Passion and Compassion
By: Chantelle Steadman
I have always felt that compassion is essential in order to become a true leader. It is such a leaders aim to inspire the people around them and to help them realize their full potential for the difference that their existence can make within the world. Without compassion, leadership turns authoritative and dull. Compassion requires leaders to recognize the differences and strengths within every person within their influence. It enables people to feel trust and confidence and it encourages them to work their hardest and give to the people around them.

From the heart of compassion, comes our passion as leaders. To be passionate is to have enthusiasm that comes from within. True leadership means finding your passion, coupling it with compassion, and dedicating your life to pursuing it. Passionate leaders are conscious of those around them. They will invest their time and energy into solving problems and building trust and support for their followers. Their passion or drive to alleviate others’ distress is derived from their desire to exhibit compassion.

When a person’s passion is truly genuine, they will have true concern for the people around them and will create an environment in which their followers will become increasingly concerned for each other thus creating a unity that cannot be broken. 


Chantelle chose this topic because she is a strong believer in compassionate leadership. She was inspired by a speaker that shared his story about an accident that took his wife and kid, inspiring him to rethink his life and live for compassion.  She says, "He talked a lot about the connection between compassion and passion itself and I thought it was very interesting. I strongly believe that a passionate leader understands how to treat their followers with compassion. By leading in a compassionate manner, anyone who is involved in a certain project can feel this and will want to behave in accordance. Strong relationships form and there tends to be much less tension than if there was a leader who didn't truly understand compassion."  


  1. Very well said, Chantelle. I completely agree!

  2. as i think of the greatest leaders of all history, i always see that they have a strong sense of compassion and without that, along with their passion, they would have failed to inspire so many.
    Jason, did I give you the idea to have guest bloggers in that comment i posted on a earlier post?

    1. Yes you did! Thank you! You'd better start writing your own post!