July 20, 2012

The Colorado Shooting and how to move forward

I was going to write about leadership lessons learned while watching the 
newly released “Dark Knight Rises” but  the events of last night have encouraged me to share a more important message.

I do want to offer my condolences to those affected in any way by the shooting last night.  It is terribly tragic.  I offer my testimony that I personally know that death is not the end.  And I offer a perspective of life that can give comfort to both those directly and indirectly affected.  God has a plan for each and every one of us.  Learn about that plan here.

While the events were tragic and do ware heavy on our hearts, It is the spirit of the American people to not allow such actions and happenings to ruin our spirits.  It is my prayer that we will continue to live a life made possible by the freedom we enjoy.  Maybe we can make but one difference after what we’ve seen today, and that is that we try a little harder to be kind to one another.  Try a little harder to reach out to those that may appear to be struggling.  In the process, we will make friends and combat the causes of these tragic events. 

  I am glad to see that the politics of this years election was put on the back burner for a bit but saddened that it took an event like this to end the political games, and saddened by the idea that they will just carry on where they left off in a matter of days.  But I guess I should enjoy it while It lasts.  Today, both the President and the potential president ended their vicious attacks against each other and both shared powerfully uplifting messages to raise the spirits of the American people.  Does it really have to get this bad to see this kind of leadership?  Leadership is something that should prevail in the good times as much as the bad.

But regardless of what our “leaders” do, we have a responsibility to renew our commitment and our responsibility to lead and uplift those around us.   So as we remember those who lost their lives and those who came close, lets also remember that we have the power to make this world a better place.